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Weymouth Beach Colour Photographs 2011

Weymouth Beach

Colour Photographs 2011

This is the set of photos where I strongly felt for the first time compelled to edit them in colour . Weymouth is an “extraordinary” place for me: not only because unlike some of my other urban  photos ( this beach isn’t exactly “wild” is it ? ) it is easily recognisable, but also because it is a tourist and leisure site and far removed from where I live. Chances are , I’ll never return there.

Here are my three favourites. You can see more by clicking here or on any photo.

Weymouth beach colour photograph 2011



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Introducing Colour : Urban Uk Photography of Ordinary Places

Introducing Colour : Urban Uk Photography

Introducing colour ? Up till now I’ve only shared black and white photos on this site but I’m taking an interest in colour . Until the digital era, I only rarely took colour photographs but now that I use digital capture all my photographs start out as colour even if I end up converting most of them to black and white. Colour is incredibly flexible in digital and these photos constitute  my first “playing around” with colour. And since I’ve started this personal work ,I find myself looking more and more intensely at the colours around me, not so much in the pursuit of some accuracy but as a comparison point to what appeals to me on screen and in print. I never use to fuss so much when I was only focused on producing black and white photographs.

Ordinary Places

What’s an ordinary place for me ?  They’re simply ordinary because most often I don’t go out of my way to go there: I either have work to do there (work of the best sorts:work with people) or I drive through or around them. They are familiar urbanscapes. Nevertheless I kind of like these places,very different to my small tranquil village but not so different to the neighbourhoods of Paris where I used to live.  Fair enough some are a bit or even very on the run down side and living there might not be that easy but I often feel that I could find contentment there and be happy. They touch me.

My approach borders on the architectural side: there is no story telling as such with the possible exception of the two diptychs bellow made from three photographs: look carefully and you’ll see some people going about their business and spring turn to summer.

Introducing colour : urban Uk  photography of ordinary places

Colour photographic diptych of an ordinary urban landscape ( urbanscape) in the Uk

Introducing colour : urban Uk  photography of ordinary places

You can see more photos in this spirit here or by clicking on either diptych.

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