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Berlin Monument to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Berlin Monument to the Murdered Jews of Europe



Denkmal für die ermordeten Juden Europas

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

designed by

Peter Eisenman architect
Buro Happold engineer

inaugurated May 10 2015

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1 Minute Videos

Photographs presented in videos  around a minute long

I’ve been exploring presenting my photographs through short videos with narration and text. J’explore la présentation de mes photograhies à travers des vidéos courtes avec narration et textes

Sometimes there are two versions :French and English. Parfois, il y deux versions: Française et Anglaise.


‘A Paris 1980 2015’ is my fourth and most recent video.



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The 124th edition of Annual Glendale Agricultural Show

Glendale Agricultural Show

Just a few black and white photos of the 124th edition

It’s more what caught my eye than an effort to document anything in particular….

A dog in a deux Chevaux Glendale agricultural show street photography style black and white photos by Christophe Chevaugeon

Glendale Agricultural Show 124th edition street photography style

horses and riders

dogs and people

Daredevils on motorcycles

Donkey on parade Glendale agricultural show street photography style black and white photos by Christophe Chevaugeon

I took a street photographer's approach to a relaxed event.

horse and riders after the competition Glendale Agriculural Show 124th edition
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A Stroll in Amble Northumberland

Amble Northumberland

  Some black and white photographs taken during an afternoon stroll

There is something pleasantly not grand or picturesque about some parts of Amble that make it infinitely more attractive to me than more picture perfect places along the coast. Once again, my approach isn’t to make flattering or unflattering photos : I’m more interested in an honest rendering of what struck me…It’s also about keeping things simple as opposed to catchy: everything doesn’t have to be spectacular.

Black and White Photographs 2016 Amble Northumberland by Christophe Chevaugeon






kids playing Amble Northumberland black and white photograph by Christophe Chevaugeon


Amble Northumberland black and white photograph by Christophe Chevaugeon




Amble Coast Northumberland black and white photograph by Christophe Chevaugeon


Amble Lighthouse seen from the fields black and white photograph

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Looking Elsewhere: A simple forest photograph in black and white

Looking Elsewhere:

at the not obviously pretty

A simple forest photograph in black and white

A simple tree among others black and white photograph

Black and white landscape photography. Digital capture.  Original inkjet print on A2. June 16 2016




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Paris chagrin

Paris chagrin

Hommages après le 13 novembre 2015






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Not Romantic Black and White Landscape Photographs of Northumberland

Not Romantic Black and White Landscape Photographs of Northumberland

I am after something different

Right now, I want something different than some of the obviously eye pleasing stuff that I’ve produced my fair share of. I don’t want to just frame the “pretty” bit of a view any more . I don’t want to over process like I did in my recent coast set any more either nor do I crave for a generous “correct” range of tones . I want something more messy and wonderful like life is messy and wonderful. I knew I was heading that way with another set called  Northumberland UK . Three simple landscapes. Trois Paysages simples. I’m pushing it further here.

not a romantic landscape photograph





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Weymouth Beach Colour Photographs 2011

Weymouth Beach

Colour Photographs 2011

This is the set of photos where I strongly felt for the first time compelled to edit them in colour . Weymouth is an “extraordinary” place for me: not only because unlike some of my other urban  photos ( this beach isn’t exactly “wild” is it ? ) it is easily recognisable, but also because it is a tourist and leisure site and far removed from where I live. Chances are , I’ll never return there.

Here are my three favourites. You can see more by clicking here or on any photo.

Weymouth beach colour photograph 2011



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Introducing Colour : Urban Uk Photography of Ordinary Places

Introducing Colour : Urban Uk Photography

Introducing colour ? Up till now I’ve only shared black and white photos on this site but I’m taking an interest in colour . Until the digital era, I only rarely took colour photographs but now that I use digital capture all my photographs start out as colour even if I end up converting most of them to black and white. Colour is incredibly flexible in digital and these photos constitute  my first “playing around” with colour. And since I’ve started this personal work ,I find myself looking more and more intensely at the colours around me, not so much in the pursuit of some accuracy but as a comparison point to what appeals to me on screen and in print. I never use to fuss so much when I was only focused on producing black and white photographs.

Ordinary Places

What’s an ordinary place for me ?  They’re simply ordinary because most often I don’t go out of my way to go there: I either have work to do there (work of the best sorts:work with people) or I drive through or around them. They are familiar urbanscapes. Nevertheless I kind of like these places,very different to my small tranquil village but not so different to the neighbourhoods of Paris where I used to live.  Fair enough some are a bit or even very on the run down side and living there might not be that easy but I often feel that I could find contentment there and be happy. They touch me.

My approach borders on the architectural side: there is no story telling as such with the possible exception of the two diptychs bellow made from three photographs: look carefully and you’ll see some people going about their business and spring turn to summer.

Introducing colour : urban Uk  photography of ordinary places

Colour photographic diptych of an ordinary urban landscape ( urbanscape) in the Uk

Introducing colour : urban Uk  photography of ordinary places

You can see more photos in this spirit here or by clicking on either diptych.

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Musée Beaubourg

Musée Beaubourg

Black and White Photographs

Most photographers naturally tend to create series of photos and then tend to present only the strongest single image of a series. This was my case until  Bruno Chalifour photographer and photography historian and critic drew kindly my attention to the possibility/ idea of moving away from a single photo approach to any one subject , not in terms of mimicking the brief of a photo-journalist but  simply as a different way of seeing/telling/sharing. I’ve been experimenting with this in creating diptychs of sorts by stacking two photos where an element of time passing is present. Here I stacked three photos (triptych), not so concerned by giving a sense of time but by giving to see at glance what was happening outdoors as well as in.

Beaubourg Triptych Paris Black and White PhotographyBeaubourg Triptych Paris April 2015

From a classic single image point of view, I particularly like the photograph below.

Beaubourg Black and White PhotographBeaubourg Digital Capture April 2015

Click here or either photo to see moreblack and white photographs of this set.


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