Northumberland UK . Three simple landscapes. Trois Paysages simples.

black and white photograph of cattle grazing in the spring in Northumberland UK
black and white photograph of hill and clouds and a little farm on the edge of the horizon
black and white photograph of a farm amongst trees in NorthumberlandNorthumberland UK. Black and white landscape photography. Digital. Paysage photographique noir et blanc. Numérique. 2013

These were all taken along the road between Morpeth and Wooler.Farming -crops, cattle and sheep- shapes many Northumberland landscapes,so does the timber industry and hunting. I strove to capture these landscapes as directly as possible. I used a moderate prime wide angle because they feel immense.


Ces photos ont été prises le long de la route qui mène de Morpeth à Wooler. L’Agriculture -cultures, bétail et moutons-façonnent beaucoup de paysages de Northumberland, ainsi que l’industrie du bois et la chasse. Je me suis efforcé de capturer ces paysages aussi directement que possible. J’ai utlisé un grand angle modéré tant ces paysages me paraissent immenses.


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  1. David Elrod January 5, 2015 at 10:01 pm #

    Christoph, These are some of the best landscapes I have ever seen. I was wondering if these were from your X100 or the Nikon 800? Have you started using something different? I upgraded to the X100T and am enjoying it very much. I have also been using the Sony a7r which is a wonderful camera. I bought both in 2014 so I still am trying to understand all of the things that I can do with both new camera’s I do miss those early years when I could use the view camera and to know that I could get an exposure at f64 for 30 seconds on Tri-X at 320 ASA then develop the film in Pyro and make the development by inspection with a green darkroom light. But one of the better lessons in life is to embrace change and seek the light. In my opinion you are doing this very well. As a personal note my daughter spent the holidays with her new husband and his family in Paris. I have been very happy with my children and both my son and son-in-law, Sylvain, are avid photographers. I gave my son my old Leica V-Lux and gave the old X100 to my son-in-law. Best and Warm Regards, David Elrod

    • admin January 6, 2015 at 7:41 am #

      David, great to hear from you and can’t thank you enough for your kind words. I took these with the D700 almost two years ago. Still love the D800 and fuji x100 for almost any job . For my business I did recently get a fuji x-Pro1:looking for something quieter and lighter than my DSLRs. They’re different tools for different factures.
      I do miss film sometimes, especially Tri-X Pan which was my favourite. I never did any landscape work with my medium format camera though:portraits and urbanscapes was almost all I ever used it for. It’s funny that in the digital world like the film world, capturing the image is half the job and editing remains the other almost most important half. Camera makers sure didn’t stress that in the film days and sure enough don’t stress that now. You and I and many others know better !
      Those three images were straightforward to edit, the light was spot on the D700’s dynamic range.
      How lovely to have such positive relationships with your children and extended family ! I’m lucky too !
      I hope you’ll be sharing some work soon.
      take care

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