Not Romantic Black and White Landscape Photographs of Northumberland

Not Romantic Black and White Landscape Photographs of Northumberland

I am after something different

Right now, I want something different than some of the obviously eye pleasing stuff that I’ve produced my fair share of. I don’t want to just frame the “pretty” bit of a view any more . I don’t want to over process like I did in my recent coast set any more either nor do I crave for a generous “correct” range of tones . I want something more messy and wonderful like life is messy and wonderful. I knew I was heading that way with another set called  Northumberland UK . Three simple landscapes. Trois Paysages simples. I’m pushing it further here.

not a romantic landscape photograph





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  1. David Elrod September 24, 2015 at 2:25 pm #

    These seem more natural to what I am used to seeing from you but as you point out, they are not seeking out beauty in forms but using the art form to create the beauty. I’m not sure if I can get my point here but I have always favored Robert Adams beauty in lack of form, where Ansel Adams used form almost exclusively and that is what the public normally will buy. I was once photographing with another 8” X 10” photographer in the early 1980’s in the Canyon de Chelly on the Navajo Reservation. At dinner he and I were comparing our days and we both had encountered many people who were curious about the large wooden cameras. Almost every person could not grasp what we were photographing because they didn’t think the image was up to an Ansel photograph. We also both were asked that if we could afford it wouldn’t we rather take color than B&W negatives. Now the other photographer and his wife have published about a dozen books and when the digital revolution hit they began importing their own materials and are now successful publishers. I would always look for beauty where others would never lay their sight upon then work your magic because that is where the really good landscapes come from, your mind and your ability to craft.

    • admin September 24, 2015 at 5:22 pm #

      Dear David,
      thank you for such a thoughtful and well articulated comment along with your experience. You have expressed better than I did what is driving me…Not sure though what place I want to be. I suspect it will be difficult to come back from where I am now unless of course to satisfy a commission brief. I hope you are keeping well. kind Regards Christophe

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