A set of 18 black and white  photos of dancers narrated

Alnwick July 2011



I’ve assembled this set into a small album,”A Dance” softcover 8 by 10 inches  ( 20 by 25 cm ).
Here is the forward:
“A Dance
 July 2011
Captured digitally with a fixed lens camera, I processed the files to reveal the richness of the heavy dark fabrics whilst preserving the finess of the white gloves and bonnets. I wasn’t overly fussy about it and welcomed the ensuing facture close to that of silver-halide 35mm fast films. The dancers , touring from Brittany I think , were simply wonderful. Beyond any skill, beyond their energy, the beauty of their moves, the fortunate flow of their outfits, its their joy and complicity that struck me : all were passionnate ; some gazes were overflowing with love. I preferred the set as a whole to any one photo , although I do have a favourite or two.
June 29 2017
Christophe Chevaugeon “
Picture of cover of Photo book ' A Dance ' by Christophe Chevaugeon
Picture of spread in Photo book ' A Dance ' by Christophe Chevaugeon
‘A Dance’, photo-book by Christophe Chevaugeon. Softcover 20 by 25 cm premium luster paper.
Picture of back cover of Photo book ' A Dance ' by Christophe Chevaugeon
The book is printed on premium luster paper, the quality of the black and white impression is fairly gritty which suits perfectly here.
If you’re interested in a copy, or of prints from this series ,just get in touch via email :            chevaugeonphotographer@gmail.com