New Gallery and Photo Album to Download.

The launching of a new themed gallery on is always daunting, frustrating and rewarding all in one. It’s the opportunity to pull work together, assess it again and proceed with serious culling. An album is a different thing because it can hold more photos without becoming boring, the photos speak to each other across the pages, some are from sets, you can flick through them without a fuss, put them on a coffee table and so on. The album ‘In the UK 2007 2019’ contains 157 photos. The Gallery only contains 40 photos and I’d be impressed to discover that anyone actually watches the slider from start to finish!

The Album is a ‘lovely’ PDF that you may download for free and share as you will. PDF’s are great to flicker through too!

The Introduction to the Album

‘ I moved to the UK in 2005 and was so skint I couldn’t afford to take pictures. with Jackie’s support, things got better. In 2007 I took my first pictures with a DSLR in Liverpool.

Digital has allowed me to pursue my love of black and white and to dabble in colour photography.

I roam with a camera. I don’t keep track of dates and places. Books / albums are a great way to assemble pictures without too much of a fuss. That suits me most of the time.

I hope you enjoy some of these photos.

December 12 2019 Christophe Chevaugeon’

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