Thoughts and Experiences on Photographic Kit

Hardware and Software

Theory and Practice

Man apparently using the force to maintain in the air different photographic kit:flash heads, camera, radio triggers



I write the occasional article on photographic kit: these days this covers both software and hardware.

‘Hands-on’ is my approach. I hope you find them of interest. 




The Elinchrom ELB400 with High Speed Sync Head and El Skyport Plus trigger ( for Nikon )

Not just an extensive look at Elinchrom’s ELB400 HS Kit To Go, but also a look at blending it with other flash systems. All comments welcome via email.

Elinchrom ELB400 HSS To GO


Scanner vs Camera to digitalise negatives

In this article I explore using a D800 with a macro lens to digitalise negatives as compared to using an Epson V700.


 It is my historic wordpress blog and will open in a new window.




LightRoom Presets , General considerations and Review of Sleeklens’  Strike-a-Pose Workflow for Lightroom.

This article is posted on my website dedicated to my wedding work and to some of my portrait work and will open in a separate window.