Musée Beaubourg

Black and White Photographs

Most photographers naturally tend to create series of photos and then tend to present only the strongest single image of a series. This was my case until  Bruno Chalifour photographer and photography historian and critic drew kindly my attention to the possibility/ idea of moving away from a single photo approach to any one subject , not in terms of mimicking the brief of a photo-journalist but  simply as a different way of seeing/telling/sharing. I’ve been experimenting with this in creating diptychs of sorts by stacking two photos where an element of time passing is present. Here I stacked three photos (triptych), not so concerned by giving a sense of time but by giving to see at glance what was happening outdoors as well as in.

Beaubourg Triptych Paris Black and White PhotographyBeaubourg Triptych Paris April 2015

From a classic single image point of view, I particularly like the photograph below.

Beaubourg Black and White PhotographBeaubourg Digital Capture April 2015