Prints made to Order

Up to A2, I make my inkjet prints. I am currently using an Epson printer using archival papers and inks.  Each print comes with a certificate, including a print log number.

Some photographs do not live well at every size: some need to be relatively big and some need to stay relatively small, for others it doesn’t matter.

If I feel you’re ordering at a size that doesn’t work for the image, I’ll block the order so we can discuss it further. Prices start at £50 pounds on A4. Does not include handling and shipping. I accept payment by bank transfer.


Hand Crafted Inkjet Prints

Handcrafted because from rom screen to print, a lot of fine-tuning needs to be done, from preparing the digital file for each size of print to possibly adjusting the file, in brightness and contrast, colour and so forth, locally and globally to produce the best possible print. Nuances matter a lot and the machine is blind.

Read an extensive article by me about printing



Epson 3880 A2 Printer.  Note that I am currently operating an Epson P800

inkjet_prints_by_chevaugeon-5Print on A3+: always expect a large white margin to protect the edges of the print.

A fine black border may be added to the print depending on the nature of the photograph.