Tour Eiffel Dame de Fer The Iron Lady

black and white photographs

I remember being pulled up by an American photographer who runs “Fine Art” workshops in Paris for having presented photos of known tourist spots as if it was a crime against artistry! I suspect it was felt to be undignified of a true photographer to take pictures of attractions, that’s the job of the happy holiday snappers! How could I stoop so low? Well, I’ve done it again. Paris is many things and the Dame de Fer is one of them. These were all taken in the course of a short stroll on April 4 2015. You can see them as a slide show by clicking on any photograph.

Candy floss at the Eiffel Tower black and white photograph

Barbe à Papa Candy Floss at the Eiffel Tour





Trocadéro Ice Cream eiffel Tower Black and White Photograph


Eiffel Tower Black and white photograph



Now that I live in England, it amuses me that the nickname  “Iron Lady” refers in the UK to Margaret Thatcher. I know which Dame de Fer I prefer!